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We hold ourselves to a different set of standards – incorporating a higher sense of purpose to everything we do. This takes us beyond campus walls to Vietnam, Botswana or wherever we are needed.

My Mercer experience equipped me with a range of competencies, including effective communication, critical thinking, writing and leadership. Just as important as those skills, Mercer exposed this ‘preacher’s kid’ to an even deeper understanding of religion, cultures and the true diversity and richness of all groups and organizations.

Anthony Snipes, Political Science and Sociology, ‘92

Anthony Snipes

After my freshman year, I was ready to sharpen my knowledge of environmental engineering through scientific research. My sophomore year, I began work on two separate projects. Both professors happily allowed me into their lab, taught me and were supportive of me. Their expertise and knowledge opened doors for me as a student. Their encouragement to my academic success allowed me to achieve (more) than I could have imagined.

一道本不卡免费高清 Charlotte Dungan, Environmental Engineering, ‘20

Charlotte Dungan

一道本不卡免费高清I owe a great deal to Mercer for the education that I received there — the experiences, the relationships. And my career is what it is because of the University, and you never forget where you started and the places and the people that made you who you are.

Dr. Nikki Adams Bryant, Pharmacy, ’03

Nikki Adams Bryant

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